Hummz offers custom virtual event according to your specifications and branding guidelines to create interactive virtual events, expos, webinars, fairs, business meetings, summits, product launch etc. The platform is highly flexible and scalable and gives an experience similar to offline event.


The features are grouped under 3 main modules based on the timelines.


This takes care of all pre event activities of planning and marketing the event.
Contacts - Mange your existing community.
Contact Management. Building a healthy contacts list is vital for every online business.
Forms - Event website and registration forms.
Create a beautiful event website, sell tickets, and promote your event online.
Email - Build Communication via multiple channels
Use readymade templates to promote event via (Email, SMS, WhatsApp etc)
Content Management.
Auditorium,User, Delegates, Speakers, Exhibitors, Ticketing, Invoicing



This is setting up the real action of the event. Customising the experience of the event.
Setting up the auditoriums
LIVE stream your videos or schedule pre-recorded ones
Multiple Tracks
Networking Lounge
Private Chat rooms
Virtual Networking
Sponsorships, Partner Areas and Help desk
Relevant Popups
Sponsor Tickers
Expo Booths
Information Desk
Resource Center


Post Event

How do you know that your event is a success? The answer is data. Because numbers show the reality! Our reports show you event registrations, turnout, engagement stats, and metrics at a booth level — showing you exactly what worked and what didn’t.
Collect Feedback
Analytics & Reporting


Event Site

So, what does a typical 3D event site look like. The virtual event is created keeping the occasion, target audience, branding etc.. just the way an offline event is planned, with an important ingredient.. the technology that holds the whole event together.

And that is what our expertise is.. Using right technology to create a Memorable Event

Virtual Event Site

Register and Go !!
This is the landing page of the event where participants are welcomed. The participants could be pre-registered or can register right from here. We can have free entry, invite only, or pay as you go. Totally customised as per your requirements. Depending on the size of the event the landing page is customized. The audience can view a welcome video, which gives them important information on how to navigate the virtual event. There is also an information desk where attendees can find any assistance they might need. There are branding opportunities or showcasing of partners and sponsors !!


Main Hall or Lobby

Get Familiar
This is the first hall where registered participants walk in and can be shown a welcome video, which gives important information about the virtual event. There is also an help desk where attendees can find any assistance they might need. Here, attendees can familiarise themselves with the event, or enter the other online event areas.



Sessions - Video on Demand or Live Streaming
The platform allows for multiple auditoriums to run parallel sessions or tracks, as required by the event. There is option to run LIVE video stream or pre-recorded videos. Its all customized on exactly as you would like it for the event.


Exhibition Hall

Customizable, branded booth
In the virtual exhibition hall, conference attendees can browse the booths of exhibitors. These virtual booths can be customized with the branding, videos, products, engagements as per the packages signed with the organizer. This hall also gives ample amount of branding spaces for partners and sponsors. Multiple halls can be created based on the number of exhibitors.


Customized Booth

Live interaction and engaement with booth staff

These virtual booths can be adjusted according to your corporate identity, and all elements within the booths, such as video screens and document sections, can be emphasized to varying degrees depending on how important they are for you.
Exhibitor representative can interact with the delegate via Chat option which include:
Private 1-1 Chat
Public Group Chat
Phone Call


Use Cases

Whether you have a small event with 100 attendees or a large one with 10,000? Days when you may need our virtual platform.

  • Virtual Conference
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Launch events
  • Incentive and Recognition Events
  • Dealer Meet
  • AGM
  • Foundation Day


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