Hummz platform makes it easy to share your knowledge, grow your audience, and scale your business. Feel confident that you’ve got the easiest technology and best support in the business.


The features are grouped under 3 main modules.

Course Management

  • Content Friendly.
    Manage all the content like videos, ppts, pdfs etc. from the backend admin.
  • Assessment Engine.
    Support for multiple types of questions, quizzes, and tests with extensive reporting on all results.
  • Feedback.
    Conduct custom surveys from learners. Collect feedback on course efficiency.
  • Assignments.
    Allow learners to submit assignments in different formats according to deadlines.


Sales & Communication

  • Contact Management.
    Mange your community of learners. Build Communication via multiple channels (Email, SMS, WhatsApp etc)
  • Frontend website
    ECommerce front end website to sell courses.
  • Customised registration forms.
  • Notifications.
    Track Email Notifictions sent to learners.



  • User Interface.
    Responsive design and a smooth user experience on any screen size/device
  • Scalability.
    ECommerce front end website to sell courses.
  • Web Standards.
    Built on the latest development technology and according to modern web standards.
  • Security.
    Track Email Notifictions sent to learners.


Use Cases

If you take offline courses and have not yet moved to a robust online LMS. This is the best time to go online. Courses could be

  • Professional Academy.
    Build your community by providing education, training and timely resources.
  • Individual Tutor
    Manage, administer and monetize your education.
  • Hobby Courses
    If you want to launch a course as a hobby hosted platform is the quickest and cheapest option.
  • Professional Courses for your customers
    Focus on developing content related to you domain. Leave the delivery and reach for Hummz.
  • Could be just knowledge sharing videos.
    Looking for a platform to share your knowledge.


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