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8 Benefits of Virtual Events

8 Benefits of Virtual Events

With the Covid-19 pandemic taking a toll on the world at large, organizations swivelled from physical to virtual events- undergoing a paramount digital transformation, coupled with saving money and time. Moving forward into the future, virtual events are not just a temporary fix, but likely to be a crucial part of event strategizing.

In this article, we will scrutinize the benefits of virtual events that reap benefits to the organization.

1) Higher attendee count

Compared to in-person events, virtual events are more likely to receive higher participation results. According to a recent survey, virtual events are more likely to receive 29% higher attendance than an in-person event. This is mainly because there is no travelling involved- allowing people from any part of the world to attend.

2) Reduced expenses

While planning a physical event, there are lot of expenses involved — right from renting a venue to food and seating arrangements. Virtual events on the other hand, significantly lesser money. Instead, event planners can use these savings to actually increase their budget for purchasing a reliable, high-performance online event platform.

3) More worth and elasticity for the attendees

Virtual occasions provide the possibility for attendees to walk through the material at their very own swiftness and look into their desired topics much faster and easier.

Virtual events allow the attendees to re-watch the content and recordings of the sessions with authorised permission on demand. In case of multiple events, the attendees will not have to sacrifice one event to attend the other.

4) Quickly gather the analytics

In a physical event, it is pretty difficult to keep track of the activity of each attendee. But in a virtual event, real-time user activity logs can be maintained. You can keep a track of when a person joined a live session, attendee locations, have access to live chats, etc. All this data helps you measure the success of the event.

5) Increased scope for efficient networking

Attendees can connect with each other and the speaker/host/performer in different ways on a virtual platform — group chats or calls, 1:1 conversation, forums, etc. This can allow the attendees to discuss among themselves ensuring effective and mutually beneficial business relationships.

Virtual events are golden opportunities for introverts or those who shy away from traditional networking. This keeps them engaged at their own pace by using polling to curate small, specific discussions.

6) Expanded global reach

The geographical barriers are eliminated. This means, it doesn’t matter whether you are in Delhi or Denmark- you can attend the event with a single click. This allows attendees from all parts for the world to attend any event without missing out.

7)Benefits the exhibitors and sponsors

Although virtual events do not have any physical booths or stalls like physical events, most leading event management platforms offer virtual social communities. Through these, exhibitors or sponsors can connect with the attendees and promote their services.

8) Retrieving leads made easy

In virtual events, it is easy to retrieve leads. In physical events, you will have to meet a lot of people and keep a track of their names and other details which can get chaotic. Where as in virtual events, can make a note of the attendees contact details simply by copy pasting as a soft copy or scanning a QR code.

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